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Photos to Posters

What we offer...

… high quality posters & personal service
… high resolution prints with vibrant colours
… individual photo adjustments
… we ensure your photo is printed at its best
… fade resistant printing

Our goal is to supply you the customer with a quality poster. We offer a very personal service & will contact you if the image supplied is too small to be printed at the size ordered, or for any other reason that may crop up. A lot of care is taken with how your poster will look when printed and adjustments are made to lighten the dark bits, darken the overly light bits, correct as much as possible any colour imbalance, or anything else that we feel will enhance the final poster. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Our printer is made by Epson and uses only genuine Epson UltraChrome K3+ ink with Vivid Magenta, giving the vibrant colours and longevity of Epson inks. We always print in high resolution onto high quality photo paper from major manufacturers like Epson, Kodak and Xerox, those with a proven track record for quality and colour reproduction.

Once printed the posters are carefully put into strong postal tubes which are securely sealed ready for delivery. Now, although these tubes are pretty strong they are not fully Royal Mail proof. Very few forces on earth are able to stop a determined posty from damaging these tubes but on the very rare occasions that this does happen then please take a photo of the damage, send it to us & we will reprint & despatch, normally the next working day.

fast service


We hope you will be happy with your purchase from Poster Print.

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