Matte, gloss or semi?

Paper types - matte, semi-gloss, gloss?

What are Matte Finish Photo Posters?

For those preferring a matte finish, our enhanced matte photo paper delivers a crisp result with high resolution. Matte prints are suitable for images that are intended for framing behind glass or perspex.

What is Semi-gloss Poster Paper?

Our semi-gloss poster paper has been carefully selected to provide a smooth, clear photographic image whilst minimising reflectivity. Semi-gloss has the advantage of being appropriate for posters that are intended either for framing behind glass/perspex or placed on a wall in a space where you prefer less reflectivity. For photos with large areas of dark colour, we recommend semi-gloss to bring out the best in your image.

What are Gloss Prints?

Our premium gloss prints poster paper provides a a beautiful, crisp, high gloss finish. A gloss finish is generally suitable for posters that are going to hang directly on your wall. Gloss finish posters are very attractive for many images where high reflectivity enhances the image.

Personal Preference

Most important of all is your personal preference. These are only guidelines; every eye, every location, every light situation varies. Your personal photographic wall art should look beautiful irrespective of the paper you choose.

Paper finish - Things to consider …

Matte finish photo posters, semi-gloss poster paper or gloss prints

Does Light and Location affect Paper choice for Prints?

The main element to consider when choosing a paper type is light. It is inadvisable to choose gloss prints in a brightly lit office as the shine will make the poster difficult to view. A more suitable finish in a brightly lit area would be a semi-gloss poster. This is because semi-gloss poster paper has enough reflectivity to enhance the look of your photo whilst allowing the image to be easily viewed. However, posters in a bedroom or hallway may benefit from a gloss prints in order to make the most of available light.

My Photo is being Framed, what is the best Paper Choice?

If your poster is being framed, we recommend a semi-gloss poster print or matte finish photo poster. This is because perspex and glass both have their own reflectivity. A semi-gloss poster and matte finish photo poster are equally suitable for framing. It's wise to note that matte paper is a bit like Marmite, you love it or hate it. However, matte paper generally comes into its own once behind glass or perspex. If you are unsure or if you feel your photo would benefit from additional reflectivity, choose semi-gloss.